Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tres cosillas locas

Primero que todo, debo decir que las tres cosillas en conjunto que voy a poner pueden no tener ningún sentido, así que YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...
1. ¿Qué hacer si de repente se encuentran en medio de un bosque con arañas gigantes azotándote por todos lados, con enanos que te miran feo y con elfos que te comen con la mirada (brrrr)?

Algo así como esto:

Muy simple, en tan solo cinco movimientos puedes salir:

a. Te encuentras en medio del bosque y te vas por entre los matorrales.

b. Cuando sales a un lugar sin descripción te vas a la izquierda.

c.Vas a llegar a otro lugar similar al primero, ahí te vas a la derecha.

d. En ese momento te encontrarás con una araña gigante a la que debes matar, no patear.

e. Luego vas a llegar a un lugar parecido a los dos anteriores y ahí debes ir diagonalmente atrás y a la derecha y ¡ya estás fuera!

2. Si alguien te pregunta por MSN "qiien eres" y uno le manda la perótata del siglo y finalmente se desconecta ¿Qué debes hacer?

Bueno, lo más probable es que seas demasiado intelectual para esa persona... malditos pokemones y flaites, uno no puede hablar bien en msn sin que lo achaquen de homosexual... ELLOS lo son... no mentira ojojojo...

3. ¿Qué hacer cuando uno está feliz de la vida tipeando y escribiendo una idea que se te ocurrió hace un tiempo y que quieres hacer novela y tienes el primer párrrafo que dice: "Confieso que soy un hombre. Un hombre llamado Damian Jenkins, que pensó en un momento haber sido un hombre como cualquier otro, pero no. Confieso que soy Damian Jenkins y que estoy loco, he bajado por las tuberías y caminos más resbaladizos de la mente que llevan hacia los confines del universo de los locos. Confieso que estoy loco y que no es por culpa mía, sino por culpa de esa música que empezóa entrar por mis oídos, desde que entré a trabajar a ese lugar. Confieso que esta es mi verdadera historia, de cómo sucumbí a esa tentadora señorita que es la locura." pero que no sabes como continuar?

El tipo del párrafo está así:

Bueno, lo mejor que puedes hacer es publicarlo en un blog y esperar que la gente opine para ver cómo debes seguir, la otra cosa es plagiar una idea o esperar que tu amigo se conecte a msn para que de una lista aleatoria de música te de el nombre de una y así se ilumina la ampolletita ¿o no?


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reply to a Bush

What`s the difference?
First of all, I have to apologize about saying that I wouldn`t go to USA, what I meant was that I wouldn`t like to live there. Anyway, about your replies about this term, I`d like to say that you sound arrogant, the only thing you didin`t said was: “It doen`t matter if one person doesn`t go to USA”. About not living in USA, i`ll explain it later.La Zorra: You say you live in a polluted city, and you`re worried about the problem and say Oh it`s bad, but you don`t even try to do something about it! I live in Santiago, one of the most polluted cities in South America and I see the problem and I`m trying to do something to change it, using the advises given in An Inconvenient Truth. You say Fahrenheit 9/11, An Inconvenient Truth and Supersize Me aren`t documentaries because they`re made from a political point of view and that they are individual interpretations of people against the government, so let`s say, if they weren`t any documentaries against the governement, two things can be happening:1. There isn`t anything wrong, everything`s perfect and everybody`s singing in the rain of joy.2. There is Censure and so, there`s a Tirany.But, I think there`s no tirany in USA, am I wrong? So these documentaries exists because there`s something wrong going on, in any subject: weapons (Bowling for Columbine), presidential elections or war (Fahrenheit 9/11), fast food (SuperSize Me) or our planet earth and pollution (An Inconvenient Truth). Anyway, what`s objective today? Science and Philosophy have somrthing in common, the y say that they will never reach the truth, becuase in everything we put our personal interpretation or opinion.About your first question, no one gives me authority, is what I think. Are you going to burn me like a witch if I believe in something you don`t? And I think if there`s people who thinks Loose Change is right and people who made it are directly communicated with this tragedy… mhhhh… something strange is going on.And about yournd question, my answer is HA!, tell me about movies that aren`t political. If we talk about the movie JFK, we can`t avoid politics. Let me give youan example, if we talk about Ingmar Bergman, are we prohibited to talk about Religion? He thought some things and he put messages in his movies, and we can`t separate things wich are like flesh and bone, like ecology and the lack of ecology decisions in the actual USA government,
Sam: First of all, son`t offend me. You called me stupid and YOU treated me as I was somekind of enemy of you. In USA you live with terror, I understand all the kind of answers I got, you overreact when someone attacks you, the terror is instilled in your society. Not only in movies, I see it in the news how they make you tremble, even from mechanic stairs!Now, about SuperSize Me, he stopped his excercise because Northamericans don`t exercise, and he only did what the average Northamerican do. USA is the most obese nation in the world. You say I`m an idiot, don`t even talk about idiots, it`s because of the things you do (or yor representatives do) that you have a worlwide image that Northamericans are Idiots, Destructors and Stupids.And guess what? You make this image true. I was going to criticize you film likes, Sam, because the poor excuse of not talking about Donnie Darko because you didin`t understand it made me think you were the thing you said I was, because some movies are made to think of, like Brazil or the documentaries I have named. Alejandro Jodorowsky said that “when we enter a cinema we go in empty and we go out empty, we have to do therapy movies” Movies that make you think and doubt, like Magnolia, wich I also never heard a word for it from you. But that`s tastes and I don`t get into that kind of business. I also had a coment about this podcasts name: All Movie Talk, because you should rename it to “All movies that-I-understand-at-once-and-don`t-attack-the-government-or-make-me-think Talk, but tht`s too heavy.Moving on, I`m an idiot, Ok, if I take an idea from someone else and apply it to my life style? Well, if it is so, Everybody is an Idiot. Everybody follows some kind of idea (Religion, Politics, Science, Sports, Philosophy, etc.) What would be of us withouth this obvious stupid ability?
Nyperold: Ok, you don`t like a movie when it talks bad about Northamericans (I never use Americans, becuase… you know? YOU`RE NOT AMERICA) Every film director who makes a movie about something wrong in the society is not in the government. What do you think? Ok, if yuou don`t like auto-chriticism, look your Northamerican heroes movies of USA saving all the world and being USA the biggest and most important country (I know it isn`t) and don`t look at your own wounds.You`re so arrogant sometimes, do you understand me now?Don`t be so close-minded, you`re like Augusto Pinochet fanatics, withouth a brain following a blind idea.
Finishing this, I`d like to clarify that I don`t want tosay anything bad that would hurst you, so I`ll generalize. You have to be the firsts to suffer from anything to realise that there`s something wrong in your political structure or doings. Sometimes I think that you deserve some things.Well, it`s only an opinion, it won`t change the world, but it can open some eyes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

y... ¿Qué pasa?

¿Qué pasa si me enamoro?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lo peor de todo

"lo peor de todo, de estar contigo,
es que te quiero es que te quierooooo"

Con esta canción desprecio a todo lo maligno, malo que pueda existir en el universo.

Lo peor de todo de estar en el mundo es que pese a tener cosas que a uno no le gusta, lo quiere igual.